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A research project from

The Ford Family Foundation

Oregonians speak on the issues most important to them

The collection of Oregon Voices issue briefs summarize what Oregonians shared about their experiences. The topics were selected based on how frequently they came up in more than a dozen open-ended survey responses. While the research team includes some additional data for context setting and background, these are not comprehensive or definitive guides to the topic. Instead, these are intended to elevate the voices of Oregonians from all corners of our state, sharing what they told us through their survey responses.

Oregon Voices issue briefs will be published in the order of how loudly survey respondents spoke on the issues and how they affect their lives.

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Housing access and affordability in Oregon

Every county in Oregon shared that their communities are facing significant challenges related to housing. Although the Oregon Voices survey asked few questions focused on housing, so many Oregonians voiced their concerns that the research team focused their analysis on the topic in this first issue brief. Key findings include:

  • Housing cost is a primary concern for respondents across all demographics.
  • Lower income households, renters, younger people and people of color are less satisfied with their housing situation.
  • Respondents across the state are concerned about homelessness.

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Health care availability in Oregon

Oregon Voices survey respondents confirm what we know from available data: Health care services are not equitably available to all Oregonians. Unfortunately, where someone lives in our state may determine the type of services available and, as a result, their physical and mental wellness. Key findings include:

  • Rural areas of Oregon lack access to health care providers.
  • Young people report the lowest mental health.
  • Residents report that many community members are struggling with both substance abuse and mental illness.

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